The “before” of the second floor

In the last post I shared the “before” pictures of the outside and the first floor. I am working with the hubby on creating a postable image of the floor-plan so it will be easier to visualize the lay-out of the house. Originally “we” had some pretty grandiose proposals (there may be a little bit more of “me” in that “we” than the hubby), but we have settled on staying pretty close to the original layout with two small additions and an attic renovation. The goal is to try to complete the projects in stages so we are not incurring a huge amount of debt (“huge” is a relative term-I have not figured out what it is relative to yet…). The first stage was supposed to be a complete renovation of the first floor before we moved to the second floor; however, that has already changed and currently both floors are completely gutted.

In the pictures below you can see that the second floor consisted of a little hallway at the top of stairs. There were four bedrooms, one very small bathroom and a closet area (this used to be the hubby’s mem’s sewing room). The plan at this moment is to renovate the bathroom first so we can move in sooner than later (I can deal relying on a microwave and grill for cooking but this yrppie is not popping a squat in the woods). Eventually we will be adding a master bath onto the master bedroom when we renovate and add an addition onto the shanty. Somehow, in this series we missed taken pictures of the second floor bathroom; I am sure I have them somewhere and will post when I find them. They are worth a look.

1 thought on “The “before” of the second floor

  1. Hey sista, I’m digging the big window idea for the attic. The will probably take away some of the “scary” aspect. I think A.J. may have pinned a cool idea for our guest room…

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