Yrppies do Yoga

No this is not really a renovation post but I do think it is relevant to our “yrppie” lifestyle so therefore it is fair-game for the blog. The hubby has had lower back issues for YEARS. He started playing rugby again (that is how we met in college) and the back pain has increased (along with pain everywhere else; it happens when you are over 30 and still rucking over).  For years I have suggested yoga to help him stretch out the back of his hamstrings, which is where he has been told the pain is originating from. He finally agreed that he would try yoga before we moved, so I was THRILLED to score an awesome Groupon to “Om My Yoga” in Camp Hill. He was so excited that he threatened to wear spandex and pass gas while in Downward Dog. He is one classy guy.

The hubby is less than flexible and does not really believe in “stretching”. Sometimes just for fun the sista’ and I have him lie on the floor and try to pull his knee to his nose. We sit on the couch while he rolls around on the floor like a stranded beetle stuck on its back. He could not wait to show off his skillz in front of an audience.

The hubby and I ready for some yoga

As we got ready I realized our water bottles matched our yoga mats. Obviously this was meant to be.

Matching water bottles and yoga mats-fate!

The class was great; the hubby did awesome. I think we were the only sweaty beasts in the room (a few times we made eye contact as sweat was rolling off our faces in Downward Dog and I had to stop myself from laughing out loud), but at the end he said he actually felt really stretched out and that he had fallen asleep during the relaxation track. He was delighted to know that he had NINE more classes to perfect his practice since I grouponed him a 10-class pass. Now we just need to find a yoga studio in Klingerstown so he can continue his yogi lifestyle. Anyone in the area know of one?

The hubby and “Princess Hollywood” passed out on the couch after yoga

4 thoughts on “Yrppies do Yoga

  1. WOW- So much progress ( and sweat ! ) I am so enjoying your blog and being able to follow the process and progress ! My first visit I was somewhat puzzeled and frankly concerned how the transformation was going to go BUT happily ( since I’m not in ear shot of negociations ) see that an awesome home is in progress! It’s exciting!

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