Putting the cart before the horse

Currently the Yrppie living room looks like this:

Current state of the Yrppie living room

The progress is exciting (who doesn’t find ripping up sub-flooring titillating?) and based on my Words to Live By Pinterest board, I obviously value the importance of “living in the moment”. That being said, I CANNOT WAIT until the moment that the house is done and we can start “living in the house”. The renovations are taking place in 3-4 phases so total completion is not expected until a year (or maybe two) from now; however, the living room should be done by this fall. (Putting it in writing means it is fact…right?) We are in the market for new furniture to fill this living room since our current couch looks like this:

Penny loves the couch so much she gave it her own personal touch, that is Maggie’s hand looking kind of creepy to the left

My sister’s dog, Penny, obviously has a strong attachment to the couch (She also was attached to the chair…and the ottoman) so it was either take the dog AND couch, or leave the couch. We are leaving the couch. This is how Penny feels about the decision:

” I promise I will not eat the new couch two weeks after you purchase it.”

We used to try to put matching covers on the cushion so no one would notice the big gaping hole and missing foam, but the hubby got sick of doing that and got the genius idea to cover it with duct tape. Much less noticeable, wouldn’t you agree? Anyway, chewed up couches aside, the point of this post is that even if it is a little premature to be acquiring “stuff” to fill the living space; I could not help myself at Target last week when I found these lovelies on clearance:

Jade green matching lamps-bargain buy!

How can you not be inspired by a $70 savings?!?!?

I had been eyeing these bad boys up for the last few months but felt like $100 was a ridiculous price to pay for two lamps I did not even have a place to put. However, $14.98 per lamp seemed a like a perfect price to pay for two lamps I still do not have a place to put. So I bought them, brought them home, and proudly showed the hubby. Hubby: “Where are you going to put those?” Me: “In the new living room, aren’t they great?!?!?!” Hubby: “They’re green.” Me: “They were $14.98 a piece, and I have been eyeing them up forever. They are awesomely green. They were originally $50 a piece-I saved $70!” Hubby: “Where are you going to put those?” The response was anti-climatic at best. I tried to liven him up by showing him the price-tags but he still wasn’t feeling them. I am not concerned though, he sometimes struggles to have a sense of style:

Jorts are cutting edge

I have also been stalking Craig’s List for things like wooden chairs I can paint fuschia (the hubby is going to LOVE them) and a sideboard. This weekend the Shipoke Flea Market takes place Saturday, July 14, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., at Riverfront Park in Shipoke, rain or shine. I am thinking about grabbing some coffee at Little Amp’s Roasters in Midtown and then heading down to see what goodies I can find. I am usually not a flea-market/yard-sale kind of person, I hate haggling and would rather pay $5 and not have to barter than $3 and feel like I just robbed little Johnny’s college fund. I do like good deals though, and Shipoke is a fantastic neighborhood filled with people who can afford to have their house flood yearly. I am excited to see what I can find. What about you? Are you a bargain hunter? If you have any haggling tips let me know in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Putting the cart before the horse

  1. I usually won’t haggle. Either the price is right from the get go or I don’t want it. However, I have inadvertently gotten bargains just because I am too lazy to roll out of bed early and don’t show up at yard sales until after 10 a.m. By that point, some people will offer lower prices at anything you look at because the alternative is take it back in their house in an hour or so.

    • That is a great point. Last year when we had our yard sale over Memorial Day we ended up giving stuff away. Lots of stuff. Of course most of it was crap, but one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

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