Flea Markets & Fire Trucks

Hello all, hope you had a wonderful weekend! We had a busy one that involved good coffee, flea market finds and fire trucks. The hubby was up and out of the house early Saturday to head down to a rugby tournament in Maryland, so the child and I were on our own. Once she woke up, we headed down to Little Amps to get the best coffee in Harrisburg and hot cocoa.

Maggie loves Little Amps as much as I do, if not more. As we were getting out of the car she stated “Mommy, I can’t wait to see my grown man friend. You know…the one that really likes me?” She was referring to the owner, Aaron. Reading that now, out of context, makes it sound a little weird and creepy; however, she was referring to the last time I took her for some cocoa, and Aaron chatted her up about some of her artwork and flashcards. He also tried to teach her to properly pronounce her “r” sounds at the end of words. He was not successful. On Saturday the child dressed herself and INSISTED on wearing her “scooter boots” in the middle of July. Her outfit was a hit, and she not only got her hot cocoa, but also a limited edition “Rockstaw” coffee filter. Check out our photo shoot below (she had removed her sunglasses at this point):

Maggie loves her Little Amps hot cocoa on a warm July day

We then headed down to Shipoke. Before we hit the flea market though we had to walk past the best surprise of the day. It was the PA Pump Primers Muster and Show at Riverfront Park. Firetrucks were everywhere, and the best part was the long line of firetrucks from many different fire companies lined up along the Susquehanna, sucking water out of the river and shooting it back across using their fire hoses. Maggie was in love. She now wants a fire-fighter birthday party for her 5th birthday with a sprinkler in the backyard for kids to run through just like the fire hoses. I told her we would have to modify the sprinkler idea since she is a November baby.

Firetruck awesomeness in Riverfront Park along the Susquehanna

After the child successfully put out a 5-alarm fire, and then unsuccessfully tried to talk me into buying her firefighter gnomes, a child-sized firetruck, and various melted fire helmets, we continued down Riverfront and finally arrived at our destination of the day; the Shipoke flea market. At this point we had met up with my sister and her boyfriend, and we began to hunt for good deals. We had a specific lists; I wanted wooden or metal chairs that I could paint, and a sideboard. They were looking for a chandelier. We were about half way through the stands and the pickings were thin, but then I found these:

Exactly what I was looking for, 4 beautiful wooden chairs for $30

They had been marked down from $40 to $30, which comes out to $7.50 a chair. They were PERFECT!!! They should be simple to reupholster, and I love the shape of the legs and the design of back of the chair. Once they were paid for we moved them to the car. I knew having a kid would come in handy one day…

Maggie insisted on carrying one; I swear

Once we had loaded the chairs into my sister’s car, and Maggie had played on the playground, we headed back to the flea market. We were unable to locate any of the items on our list (or at least ones that we wanted to buy) but did get some delicious lemonade and a hot dog. Maggie also made friends as we went along and ended up with a free scarf, hat and VHS tapes.

When you are cute, people give you free stuff (stuff they do not want to have to pack up and take home)

She also tried to sell me on an adorable Dr. Seuss adirondack chair; I am immune to her cuteness. We wrapped up the flea market with some playground time and another lemonade (I suggested that they sell Bloody Mary’s next year). I felt like the day was a HUGE success because the chairs were exactly what I was looking for. Are you a flea market/yard-sale fan? Do you like going through other people’s “junk”? What is the coolest “junk” you have ever purchased?

Maggie modeling her scarf, hoping someone will give her the chair

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    • Yes she is definitely a nut-at this moment I am shaking her suctioned on mouth off of my arm-she is giving me “snail kisses”. Snail kisses are gross FYI.

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