Kitchen plans complete!

20% off your ENTIRE KITCHEN purchase-jackpot!

Last Thursday I posted a quick and dirty post as we headed out the door to Ikea to plan the kitchen. We arrived to Ikea around 2:30 pm (it took a little longer because we had to make a Starbucks and potty stop along the turnpike). Seven hours later we walked out with a complete kitchen plan, a bathroom sink and a happy marriage. Mission complete!

That is not to say there was not a little drama and problem-solving along the way. The first dilemma was that neither of us had thought about needing cash for the Turnpike tolls. The hubby (or should I call him “Ned Stark”) saved the day and remembered his secret stash of “gold dragons”.  “Gold dragons?” you may ask…you have never paid for anything in dragons? All the cool kids are doing it (all of the cool, rich kids in the imaginary city of Westeros). The hubby is currently obsessed with Game of Thrones and has taken to carrying dollar coins that he refers to as “dragons”, the currency used in the book/TV series. He likes to leave them as tips when we go places; he thinks he is starting a trend. I think we are just asking to be pelted with the coins by a disgruntled waitress who does not want them weighing down her apron.

Once we had arrived at Ikea we grabbed some swedish grub. Important note: after lunch and before dinner is not the best time to get Ikea food, even the meatballs were dry. While eating, we game-planned our afternoon, set up some rules and expectations, and printed out our Ikea Family Card. The Ikea Family Card has perks like discounts on monthly specials, free coffee and tea in the cafe, and an extra 30 minutes for kids in Smaland. The extra 30 minutes of child care is key; without it you only get one hour. You cannot even walk around the store in one hour.

Once we had a game plan I went down and put the child into Smaland, and the hubby headed to the kitchen section to start planning (actually he headed out to the car first because I left our blueprints in the car, whoops). If you have never used the childcare at Ikea I totally recommend it; there are things for them to color, movies to watch and places to climb. Maggie loves it. Did I mention it is free? That is what makes it really awesome. You put their shoes in a bin and sign them in, then you get a matching bracelet so no one can kidnap your kiddo.  Your child gets to burn off some energy and you get to have child-free time to spend argue with your significant other while perusing the store.

Maggie’s bin-note the wallet, proof that I did have it at this point in our day

The planning started out a little rough. They had a lot of employees staffing the kitchen area and not a lot of customers (not a lot meaning TWO customers counting us). Apparently they like to keep a lot of staff standing around; it took a while to get someone to actually help us. After some time spent being frustrated we were able to get a helper, Stephen, who disclosed that he was “new” and still figuring everything out. However, he ended up being a wonderful source of information, and I am pretty confident that by the end of our night Stephen could consider himself an “expert”.

Nick & our kitchen guru, Stephen

I spent a lot of time walking back and forth between the kitchen display we were trying to replicate within our floor plan, and the computer. The hubby did all the computer work. This is what he looked like for about 4 hours:

Nick considering a career change to drafting

Eventually I just gave up my seat next to the hubby so Stephen could sit down. At this point in the process I realized that I had left my wallet and phone over at the kitchen display (this was right around the time I was pondering why they do not sell wine at Ikea). Luckily someone had turned it into Lost & Found. Collecting it involved about a mile long walk to retrieve it, but I was relieved to get both items back intact. I then headed to Smaland to pick up the kid. We were unable to get the kitchen planned in the allotted time for Smaland, but there were kids for her to play with in the kitchen section by the time we got back, so that was a good diversion.

Maggie outside of Smaland

We wrapped up our plans, and were given a purchase list right around 8:30 PM. Our total cost, including appliances is right around 15,000 dragons (can you imagine paying that in dollar coins?). We will save 20% off of the total so that will bring us down to $12,000. That includes a refrigerator large enough for a polar bear to live in it, a microwave, a dishwasher, a professional-sized range AND a wall oven. Imagine the Christmas cookie possibilities. We did not order Thursday night because we still had to pick out the inserts for drawers and cabinets (utensil organizers, pots & pans organizers, etc). This would have involved a lot of brain power along with conversation, and at that point in the evening we did not have it in us (I know, first-world problems). Plus, we still needed to snag our bathroom sink before closing (we are also in the process of planning a bathroom on the second floor-there will be a post later this week). Looks like we are headed back down in a couple weeks.

So what will the new kitchen look like? I converted some views of our plans into images so I could post them for you to see. Check them out:

Kitchen view from the glass doors leading outside

View of kitchen from dining room

So what do you think? We are going with white cabinets and butcher block counter tops. These images have no counter tops in the design because we have to order them locally. I realized after looking at my Pinterest Kitchen Ideas board that I am obsessed with light, white, airy cabinets and dark floors and counters. The hubby said we cannot stain the counters; so I am still trying to figure out other options to make them dark. We considered granite (really pricey) and concrete (really heavy). What do you have for your kitchen counters, or what would you want in your “dream kitchen”?

13 thoughts on “Kitchen plans complete!

  1. The Dragons could definately catch on…. For tolls at least.

    Love the look of the kitchen. Don’t forget Corian as an option for the countertops – I know a guy 😉

  2. 1) thanks for the tip about the Family Card… the 1 hr limit in Smaland always annoyed me bc I could barely get through 1 floor before I had to walk all the way back to pick my kids up.
    2) your kitchen plans look great! I love the sink in the middle island. Very unique set-up.
    3) so glad your wallet/phone were returned. John just had his swiped a few weeks ago. UGH.
    4) gold dragons… tee hee… sorry, I think it’s awesome. =)

    • I have a habit of losing things a lot; so I always try to get things back to their rightful owner when I lost items. I think this builds up karma; still I was shocked that my cards were still in the wallet and the phone was with the wallet. Yup the family card gets you 90 mins, and we actually got two hours bc there was only one other kid in Smaland and the girl working was awesome. Which Ikea do you go to?

  3. I LOVE my white cabinets. We have lived in houses with dark and very dark cabinets and some were very nice, but the white gives my kitchen (I think) a welcoming happy feel. Many have said its a beachy feel and everyone loves to hang out in the kitchen so we had to get a bigger kitchen table. Now we spent more on our countertops because we hope in our lifetime that we never have to replace or remodel the kitchen. The quartz- CeazarStone is solid, not porus like granite. It never needs to be sealed like granite and shines up with just Windex. We cut and chop directly on it and can put HOT out of the oven/stove directly on it. We have neighbors with the butcher block if you get down here sometime we can arrange a visit.

    Good Luck!

    • I will have to do some research on the quartz. The main reason I wanted butcher block is because it is cheap and I won’t feel bad about replacing it if we ever want to change the kitchen up. However, I have read about water issues around the sink. I agree about the white-taht is what we have now and I love them. The kitchen is a lot bigger now than it was with the bump addition, so there is plenty of room for people and movement even with the island. Have you seen it at all since the renovations started?

    • No really, he has them stashed in my car, his truck and always has some in his pocket. An intervention will be in line if he starts wearing fur collars and carrying a sword.

  4. Melissa we had our kitchen done last year and we used laminate by Vanguard. It looks like granite. We were told they take a picture of the granite and transfer it to the laminate. I have had many compliments on it an I love it. Much cheaper than granite with the same look. Good luck.

  5. I love the white cabinets too — they are so fresh … what type of hardware did you choose?
    We are planning to refresh our kitchen this fall as well — painting the cabinets white, adding some chrome hardware and an leaning towards an Ikea countertop and sink as well. Please post updates of your kitchen! We’d love to see the progress. 🙂 — Bree

    • Oh yes, almost forgot — your comments about dragons cracks me up! I’m currently obsessed with Game of Thrones as well, and reading the fourth and final book in the series! 😉

      • I have not had the nerve to read the books; the show is so intense I do not know if I could handle the books. I am not sure what hardware we chose-it was whatever was in the model kitchen at the Ikea we went to. I think they were kind of modern and chrome-y. Ikea is so budget friendly!

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