Hot & Wired!

Last weekend the hubby and I celebrated 6 years of matrimonial bliss by getting all hot and wired. This time last year we had just got back from vacation and 10 days of this:

Maggie loves the beach and not having cellulite

Yrppies love the beach and rum punch

Two days after we got home, on our 5th wedding anniversary, we celebrated the marriage of my brother, Will, and his beautiful wife, Becky. They got married at Naylors Winery on the same day that we got married at Benigna’s Creek Winery, 5 years before. It rained. It rained on our wedding day 5 years before. If you follow this blog long enough you will see a pattern. Whenever Yrppies have a party/event; it rains. Even with the dreary weather it was still a wonderful afternoon that turned into a blast of an evening. Here are some pics:

Husband & Wife-right before the rain/lightning began

Ninja brother and beautiful wife

Flower arrangements done by yours truly

As it got darker people started tearing it up on the dance floor. Here is a picture of Maggie trying to keep up with my dad and his red disco pants. No really, they are his red disco pants from the 70’s. If you went to high school with me and are reading this, you saw these at any special event, including graduation. And don’t feel bad for my brother; Crazy Pappy wore these to our wedding 5 years before even though they totally clashed with our colors.; I think he got more attention than I did. Crazy Pappy dances to his own drummer, as evidenced here:

Maggie breaking it down with Crazy Pappy; ignore the sneakers, we were just glad he did not wear his work boots

“Mommy-I can’t even keep up with this wild man in the red disco pants”

Now that you are totally distracted by the 65+ old man rocking disco pants, a white tee and sneakers, let’s refocus the point of this post. So this past weekend was not only our anniversary but also my brother’s. Will decided to spend it by traveling all the way up from Stewartstown, PA to help the hubby with some wiring projects. He is a certified electrician with Stewartstown Electric; this will come in handy as I change my mind 700 times about where I want the hanging light fixtures over the island.  In retrospect, we felt horrible about picking this weekend since it was their first wedding anniversary, but the men had fun and knocked some things off our list.

The brother’s work van

To quote Deuce Bigalow “That’s a huge bit!”

Brother & Hubby

Maggie had a great weekend hanging out with her cousins, and I supported OPEC and the middle east by driving materials back and forth from Harrisburg to Klingerstown and back, and back again, and again. Even though we were not in the Caribbean or dressed up in our dancing clothes (and trust me, the only thing “hot” was the temperature in the house); it was a great weekend. Happy one year anniversary Becky and Willy, thanks again for all of your help!

What about you? How do you celebrate special occasions, like anniversaries? The hubby and I had totally forgot it was our anniversary (and Willy & Becky’s) until last Friday, and then it was to late to change plans. We were so tired from the weekend (especially the hubby) that we were in bed by 9 PM Sunday night. Do you make a big deal out of anniversaries or do you like to keep them low-key? Share below, I would love to hear from you!

I would love to know what you think; share your thoughts here.

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