A big thank you to YOU!

Hey you, up there on the ladder, guess what?

Maggie playing peek-a-boo

As of this past friday Yrppies has reached over 3,000 views! How does that make you feel?

Maggie excited that Yrppies has reached over 3000 views

Not only did Yrppies surpass 3000 views on Friday (we are currently at 3140), I was also nominated for a “One Lovely Blog Award” by Julie at Home on 129 Acres. I will be dedicating a post to this nomination later this week, but I did want to thank Julie for her support, and encourage all of you to take a look at her blog when you have a chance. I found Julie’s blog when looking through WordPress for fellow renovators and followed it immediately.  Finding others who are doing similar projects makes our renovation project seem almost normal.

As you can tell Friday was a pretty exciting day. Not exciting enough for me to pull out my blond afro wig and my pink ruffle dress, but if it would have been 20 degrees colder things could have gone very differently. Now, I do know that there is a chance that 2,900 of those views over 3,000 views could be my mom, so it is probably not as impressive as it sounds. It is still nice to know that there are people out there are as nosey as I am :).

So thank you to everyone who has stopped by to check out what we Yrppies are up to; I hope you keep coming back. Thank you for your positive feedback and for sharing your thoughts and ideas. I should also thank the hubby; he has been very patient and supportive of me invading our privacy and spewing his dirty secrets all over the internet. Love you honey!

Below I have created a poll that includes the three most popular posts on Yrppies to date (I  am a little surprised that “Yrppies do yoga” did not make the cut). Which was your favorite?

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