To Paint or Not To Paint…that is the question

Hamlet obviously had bigger decisions to brood about, but today I am torn in two different directions with regards to the flea market chairs I scored a few weeks ago. Progress has been clipping along at a steady rate since the flea market, but right now we are at a lull in renovations. Do not misunderstand; there are a million things to do, but we are on hold until the spray foam and plumbing go in. We are almost ready for the spray foam; the only thing we have left to do is lug the 700 boxes we moved to the attic two weeks ago , BACK DOWN from the attic, DOWN to the first floor to the shanty. There they will stay. Why didn’t I think of this grand idea BEFORE we moved them to the attic? I have no idea, but realizing we could have saved a lot of manpower by moving them to the shanty instead of the attic causes me to bang my head against something hard and curse like a sailor whenever I think about it. We could have just moved them down one flight of stairs and there they could have stayed until they were unpacked. Nope, we moved them up one flight of stairs to move them back down the same flight plus another flight, two weeks later. I digress though, this is not the point of this post, and I need to stop thinking about it before I owe $7.25 to the quarter jar.

Today’s post is about what to do with the flea market chairs. I cannot decide if I want to paint them a bright, fun color (maybe red, maybe green, maybe fuchsia) or rub some Old English on them and let the wood be wood. Regardless of the painting decision; I am still going to reupholster the seats. It should be relatively easy; the previous owner already did it once.

Bottom of seat; I plan to pop it off and reupholster.

Even though I am confident about reupholstering; I am wavering on painting. The wood is so solid and in great shape. I am not sure what kind of wood it is, nor am I sure how to find out. I would hate to paint over a real wood, like cherry or walnut. On the other hand, I paid $7.50 a piece for them and bought them for the specific purpose of making them “painterrific”. I have been following Young House Love forever and think their spray painting projects always look awesome. I am torn.

Here are what the chairs look like now:

Full chair in all of its chair glory

Chair Back Detail

Chair, showing a little leg

Now that you have seen the pictures you can probably see why I am torn. Or maybe not. This is where I need some reader input. What would you do? I want to get to work on them before school starts so I need to make my decision soon. Let me know if you would paint or not paint in the poll below. I will post the results on Friday. I hope the poll works. I am new to “Poll Daddy” and it always makes me think of “Go Daddy” and Danica Patrick in a bikini. Weird. If you can’t decide or have additional thoughts to share, let me know in the comments below. I love hearing from you!

13 thoughts on “To Paint or Not To Paint…that is the question

  1. Stop wavering, lol … leave it as is. But at seven fifty a pop, contemplating painting is an entertaining option … you really can’t go wrong. Curse jar? If i had one I’d be broke … more broke, lol!! Cheers.

  2. Believe me, I am a fan of painting usually….but I kind of like them how they are. For me, it would totally depend on what was going on in the room they were going into….??

    • I don’t know what is going in; this is part of the dilemma. We are leaving our furniture behind in our current house (the table is small and the sideboard is not that sturdy) and starting from scratch. We are going for a rustic yet modern farmhouse look.

      • I think my official vote is going to be to leave them! Because the fabric will be a great moment of creativity, and….I don’t know….I just really like how the original wood looks on these!! But, like I said, I’m never mad at painting! πŸ™‚ Good luck! You can’t go wrong either way on these, I think.

  3. I think they are much higher quality than the usual wooden chairs out there, and they are in such good shape – I would leave these like they are, and then go look for some other, ordinary chairs to paint!

  4. It all depends on your decorating style – I love the thought of bright painted chairs with funky material on the seats, but my house is full of antiques, so they would probably be left as is, with maybe new seat upholstery in my house. In a more modern setting – yes, I would totally go with the paint. The brighter and funkier, the better.

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