Guess who’s back. Back again.

Happy Sunday!

This morning I woke up around 7 AM and decided it was time. It has been months. It feels like years. The public has been clamoring for updates and pictures (basically my friends are nosey :)), but I have not been able to pull myself together and make time for one more thing. This morning I put on my big girl panties made a hot cup of coffee with a big scoop of Nutella and then spent 20 minutes trying to remember the password to my WordPress account. It has been a while. I ended up having to change it. It must be the baby brain.

Baby brain?!?!?! Yes that is correct. The week before my last post we found out we were expecting. Due date April 7th. An exciting birthday present, but I could have done without the all-day “morning sickness”. We still had a great time at the Mumford & Sons concert; I drank anything alcohol-free and carbonated; the hubby drank beer. Thankfully the worst of the morning sickness held off until we got back. Just in time for school to start, yippee!

At that point things got a little crazy, maybe slightly overwhelming. First trimester nausea, beginning of the school year stress and in-progress renovations left little time to blog. Not to mention we started back at our part-time job right around the same time. Basically something had to give and Yrppies took one for the team. Even as the morning-sickness has disappeared, work-craziness and renovation-induced single-mommyhood has left me in state of reaction rather than “pro-action” (not sure if that is a legitimate word…).

So many blog-worthy opportunities have been missed in the last few months, but do not worry; I plan to bring you up to speed. For now I will summarize:

  • No, we have not moved yet. The day is closing in though (my loving sister already started packing us up).
  • Yes, this has been a pretty hellish experience.
  • No, we are not divorced, but I think that in the list of life-experiences that cause you to want to rip your loved one’s eyes, renovations are at the top.
  • Yes, the hubby is super-human and has done majority of the work (As I type he and my incredibly patient mom are painting the second floor rooms; I would be helping but the house is wrapped up tight like a Tyvek-covered Christmas surprise. Currently there are no windows to provide ventilation…this is a story worth its own blog post so I will just let that be for now.)

In closing, I will share a few pics of the progress that has been made over the last 6 months. Looking at these makes me realize how far we have come, and not panic as much about how much is left to do.

Living room BEFORE; stairs on left-hand side

Stair-shoot from the living room

Stairs in living room sans paneling and insulation

Living room shot AFTER dry-wall; stairs on the left

Stairs from living room after dry-wall

And now for a sneak-peek at one of our favorite parts of the whole house:

Sneak-peek at NEW KITCHEN DOOR!

As you can see lots has happened in the last few months. The hubby has been building a house and I have been building a baby. And the child, well she has just been building up a complete resistance to listening and driving me batty.

She thinks she is a model…

Mismatched socks are “her thing” and drive me crazy

No idea.

Hope all has been well in your world and I look forward to keeping you updated on ours!

Happy Halloween!

8 thoughts on “Guess who’s back. Back again.

  1. Yeah…. Congrats!!!! U are probably super excited and nervous…. Having to do it all over again… The house is looking great!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product..

  2. Now that’s an update!!!! Congratulations! and the house looks great, love your woodwork.
    and I LOVE that mismatched socks are her “thing”. I did chuckle, as I get it, that those things really used to bug me too–hmm, hmm, I’m older now and alot less bugs me–I’d like to say wiser maybe, but the truth is, more like to tired to argue! My baby is 11, and sometimes her fashion sense is a bit–weird! And I want those boots! 🙂 have a lovely Thanksgiving. Stacey

  3. I just discovered your blog as I am wondering through blogland. I love it!! You are hysterical and made me laugh out loud many times. My dog is not impressed-he is trying to sleep and can’t figure out what the heck is wrong with his momma 🙂 Love your house transformation. Labor of love and it is paying off. Oh yeah–your daughter is adorable and your captions for her expressions or choice of attire are quite entertaining.
    So glad to have found you!

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