Pippa Turns 2: Chick-themed Birthday Party


Happy Birthday Pippa!

I had a DIY brooder post planned for today, but since it was Friday and the start to a holiday weekend, I  decided to do something a little more frivolous. (DIY brooder will be posted Monday.) Pippa’s 2nd birthday was on March 19th, so inspired by our impending chick delivery AND the plentiful assortment of chick-themed decorations due to it being Easter season,we decided to go with a “chick-themed” birthday party. Usually we throw rather large events that always leave us exhausted at the end of the day, with a counter-full of dishes to clean, feeling like we should have t-shirts that say “I just spent a ridiculous amount of money to hang out with our friends and family and all I have to show for it is this mess”. In effort to keep things a little more sane, and to assure we actually got to hang out with the people we wanted to celebrate with, we decided to split the event into a few small gatherings. We had pizza and cake with the hubby’s family for her actual birthday, and then we had a few friends over that have kids the same age as ours for a chick-themed party the Sunday after her birthday. My family is last on the list; they will be joining us Easter Sunday for a HUGE egg hunt and birthday cake, and that will mark the end of Pippa’s extended birthday celebration.


Birthday Cake Number Two

For the chick-themed party I wanted to keep it as simple and as cost-effective as possible, while still allowing for a reasonable level of Pinterest-inspired ideas that always cost more money and take more time than you think they are going to. I stuck to one color, yellow, to pull everything together. Finding things was super easy since it is Easter season and baby chicks go with the territory, if you want to do a chick-themed party after reading this post, I would suggest hitting up the clearance sections for Easter stuff next week to stock up. I am not sure if this would be as easy to execute during the off-season.

Because I am lazy, because it was 10 o’clock at night, and because I was more worried about drinking my beer while it was cold, I do not have any “tutorial pictures” on how to do things. However, I will try to provide links for where my inspiration came from where applicable.

Party Prep

Party Prep

Some of my favorite decorations were the fabric banners, I think I spent about $20 on fabric scraps at JoAnns, prepped the material by cutting little slits in it, and then let Maggie (our 7-year old) tear them all into strips ranging from 1-1 1/2 inches in width. If you are interested in making your own there is a great tutorial here. Once I had all the fabric ready, and the kids in bed, I just tied them onto some brown string I had lying around the house. I had picked up some burlap letter “Ps” in the Target dollar bins ( I have no idea how to type that, and none of my versions looked correct). I got one completely done Saturday night, and then Sunday morning Maggie and my sister’s husband finished the big one for the kitchen. The really great thing about these is that we can use them every year to decorate for Easter!

IMG_5174 IMG_5168

The next crafty idea involved taking the girls on a hike up the mountain to look for the perfect “tree”. We found a nice branch with lots of places to hot glue gun fluffy chicks and lace, which I then displayed in the middle of our kitchen island. So cheap, so easy and so cute. Definitely wait for small hands to be asleep before you attempt the hot glue gun. Definitely do not wait until you are four beers in before you attempt to hot glue gun. I made it out with only one fingerprint erasing burn; so compared to other past hot glue projects, this was one of the least painful yet.



Another super easy, and super cheap creation were my chick pom poms. My sister picked  up some yellow expandable poms at Party City, and then I had Maggie cut out triangles and circles for the faces. I hot-glued the “beaks”‘ and “eyes” on and we hung them around the house. The black eyes make them look a little LaLaLoopsy-ish, but adding white made them look too cartoonish, so I stuck with plain black.


The rest of the decorations just involved using some things I had picked up in the Target dollar bins (little wooden boxes) and at Joann’s (yellow poufs of feathers and green paper “grass”) to fill out the party. I also went through my Easter decorations in the attic and found some chick baskets that I repurposed as snack bowls, and some other odds and ends. I had some Sticky9 prints featuring Pippa’s little face that I set out with the party decorations. Eventually I plan to turn these into some sort of display somewhere in the house, but it has not happened yet. Also, for kids parties especially, I love butcher paper. I picked up a roll from Lowes for under $10. Kids can color on it, spill things on it, and at the end of the party you just roll it up and compost it (or throw it out). Maggie cut out some chicks from yellow scrapbook paper and glued them onto the butcher paper to add some “chickness”.




The dessert table was the major focal point of the party. We had three things on it: the chicken cake (decorated by my sister, baked by me), eggs in a nest cupcakes, and chocolate-dipped Birthday Cake Oreos decorated to look like chicks. I baked the cake in my Kitchen Aid bowl. It did not ruin the bowl, and it baked all the way through, but boy was it dense! And small. And dense-did I mention that already?


The party went really well, I did not over plan activities and stuck with a coloring activity, a chick shaped piñata my sister picked up and an egg hunt outside. It was nice weather (a little breezy and cool, but at least the snow had melted from the day before), so the kids spent most of the time on the play set outside. I was hoping that the chicks would have been delivered before the party, but that would have been a little more crazy than a three-ring circus run by toddlers, so in retrospect that was a complete blessing in disguise. Of course, once the party started I forgot to take pictures so all I have that evidences the good time had by all is this pic of the birthday girl searching for eggs. How do you celebrate birthdays? Low key, all out or somewhere in between? Share below, and if you have any links to fun birthday themes I would love to check them out!


I would love to know what you think; share your thoughts here.

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