About me

Welcome to Yrppies! I am a 33 year-old tree-hugging, Target-loving mother, wife, and soon to be young, rural professional (yrppie). I have one daughter, one husband, one dog, one cat, one fish, and a job that allows me to work from home. That home is currently located in the metropolitan mecca of Harrisburg, PA, but we are in the process of renovating an old farm-house in the Middle of No-where Coal Country, PA.  The renovations have been quite the process, and currently we are trying to balance our “green and trendy” tastes with our “incredibly middle-class” budget. When we began our journey, many of our close family and friends laughed out loud at the idea of us making the transition from “yuppies” to “yrppies”. As we have progressed, there have been many times that I have laughed out loud at this idea (or cried, thrown things and threatened divorce). This blog will chronicle the renovations and life-style adaptations that are made as we navigate transitioning from a life of urban convenience to one of rural isolation fresh-air and open space. I would love to hear from anyone who has done a similar renovation, ventured out on a major lifestyle change or who can offer advice on how to develop a taste for pickled eggs.

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