Weekend Wrap-up: Choosing Fabric & Moving Boxes

I hope everyone had wonderful weekend, ours was a very productive one. On Saturday the child and I went fabric shopping, and on Sunday we moved boxes…again. Hopefully for the last time, the next time they are moved it should be to unpack them. We are running out of friends to move our stuff :).

Let’s start with the hot, sweaty, no-fun part of the weekend. Moving stuff. Again. I mentioned last week that we needed to empty the attic so the spray foam could be sprayed. To lighten the load (literally), I bribed my mom and some wonderful friends with crabs and beer in exchange for manual labor and sweat. Lots, and lots of sweat. (There were torso sweat marking the sides of boxes.) The hubby got up bright and early Sunday morning and headed up to the Yrppie homestead to remove the tub from the shanty bathroom to make room for boxes. By the time we arrived, my beast of a husband had ripped out the carpet that smells like urine and had lugged the cast iron tub OUTSIDE. HE IS A BEAST.

Here is what it looked like before the beast was released:

Shanty Shower

Shanty Room with urine carpet (this is from last summer, there is no AC unit in the window now)

After the beast was released:

Missing shower, cast iron tub and wall to wall carpet

Shanty room without carpet

Obviously I missed the point of this picture and did not get a good shot of the uncarpeted floor, but you get the point. We had to move everything that my sister and her boyfriend had helped us move to the attic two weeks ago, back down the attic stairs, and then down the main flight of stairs. We also had to squeeze an attic-full of stuff into two small spaces, the shanty bathroom and shanty laundry room. I remembered to take pictures of the attic once we had it half empty, but you get the idea:

Hubby kindly wondering why I have a topless shoebox full of Martha magazines

Attic stuff

More attic stuff

Even more attic stuff

Last of the attic stuff

After about two hours of time and two hundred gallons of sweat, we had completed the greatest game of “moving boxes Jenga” ever. Below you can see how many boxes we fit into the old shower/tub space and shanty laundry room:

Goode’s tight bicep and tightly packed boxes

Shanty Laundry Room filled to the ceiling

We rock.

While we were working the child kept herself occupied by coloring, feeding stray cats, taking pictures of her feet and posing as the Statue of Liberty:

The child keeping herself out of trouble

One weird kid

A portrait of Maggie’s feet as a young girl

When we were moving things a strong storm blew through, which cooled things off significantly. The cool air was greatly appreciated, as were the beautiful views afterwards. Images like this remind me how lucky we are that we have this opportunity to move our family to the middle of nowhere:

Fog rising from the mountains after the storm

The weekend was not all about moving boxes and sweaty beasts. Last week a┬ánumber of you asked what kind of fabric I would be using to reupholster the chair seats. This was an excellent question, which I could not answer. My plan was to decide to paint or not paint and then go pick fabric. However, fabric first definitely makes more sense. I knew I wanted something with a bold print, colorful and bright, so I did have some idea of what I was looking for when Maggie and I went on a fabric hunt Saturday. When we arrived at JoAnn’s I saw this sign.

60% of all outdoor canvas and upholstery fabric-yippee!

Maggie saw this (FYI-she has poison ivy around her left eye, the more it heals the grosser it looks):

Maggie loves pink animal prints

Once I convinced her that it was not the correct fabric type for chair covers, we moved to the back of the store and starting picking fabrics. I only had my phone on me, so the pictures are not fantastic, but I did try to adjust the pics so the colors are close to what they looked like in the store.

Citrus Background, Pink Flowers

Fruit Stripe Gum Fabric

Bright green, pink and yellow print

Hot Pink Zebra

Green & Purple Circles

Coral Coral

Bold, Orange circles

Green Zebra Print & 4 year old with an attitude

Those are the finalists. We were there for a while. I wanted to pick three and then get some input from the blog world. However, 60% is a great deal, and that deal ended Sunday, so we had to make a decision and a purchase. Which one would you have chosen? Do you love zebra as much as I do? The choice was really, really difficult, but I think the chairs are going to look fantastic. I cannot wait to share them with you, check back tomorrow to see the results!